Sunday Racing Wrap-Up

Seven Australian raced in three different countries on Sunday. Callum Watson raced the final stage of the Lilliehammer World Cup Mini Tour, Esther Bottomley raced in the Obergoms Swiss Cup and PK, Mark Pollock, Casey Wright, Jessica Yeaton and Kat Paul raced in the Bozeman Super Tour.

Lillehammer World Cup

At the completion of the Lillehammer World Cup Mini Tour Norway had gained the top four places in the women and the top five places in the men. An impressive effort from a country that failed to medal in either the men’s or women’s relay event at the Sochi Olympics earlier this year.

Callum Watson was a DNF on the final day of competition. This weekend was still a great comeback for Callum who majorly injured himself in a skiing accident racing in Australia in August. Callum achieved a solid sprint result and a great 10km skate results in which he skied within 10% of the winner’s time, a major achievement in a World Cup field.

Overall Results – Men

  1. Martin Sundby NOR, 39.48.2
  2. Finn Haagen Krogh, NOR, 40:04.8
  3. Sjur Roethe, NOR, 40:24.7
  4. Paal Goldberg, NOR, 40:25.7
  5. Didrik Toenseth, NOR, 40:31.9

Overall Results – Women

  1. Marit Bjoergen, NOR, 43:21.2
  2. Therese Johaug, NOR, 43:21.8
  3. Heidi Weng, NOR, 43:33.5
  4. Ingvild Oestberg, NOR, 44:59.5
  5. Charlotte Kalla, SWE, 45.12.1

Obergoms Swiss Cup – 10/15km Classic

Esther Bottomley was the lone Australian racing in the Obergoms Swiss Cup. In a field that consisted of skiers from around middle Europe and beyond Esther finished a credible 35th. Esther has been battling a knee injuring since leaving Australia and would be happy to have gotten through these first test races unscathed. It is hoped that Esther will be recovered enough to start in the Davos World Cup next weekend.

Results – Women

  1. Nathalie Von Siebenthal, SUI, 28:51.5
  2. Lydia Hiernickel, SUI, 29:27.0
  3. Anja Gruber, GER, 20:33.9
  4. Antonia Fraebel, GER, 29:36.0
  5. Lucia Anger, GER, 29:43.4

35. Esther Bottomley, AUS, 33:56.3

55 starters

Bozeman Super Tour – 10/15km Classic Mass Start

We do not have the final times from the 10/15km classic mass start event in which five Australian competed but we can report on the placing. In the men PK finished 32nd whilst Mark Pollock finish 53rd out of 63. In the women’s event Jessica Yeaton finished 27th, Casey Wright finished 33rd and Kat Paul finished 38th in a field of 54. Kat was also the 5th junior out of the 14 juniors in the event.

Stay tuned during the week for blog updates from either PK, Mark Pollock or Casey and Kat for full details of the weekends racing in Bozeman.

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