USSA Super Tour

Re-blogged from Kat & Casey’s blog:
On our last night at the beautiful West Yellow Stone Coach Tom took Team Bulk Swoll (SV PG Team) on a night ski, through the Yellow Stone National Park. If you listened closely you could hear the wolves howling in the distance… Making it a little scary, and personally I started thinking of ways I could fight off a wolf with my ski poles… Clearly I don’t have much experience with wolves at home in Aus! When we began to ski back, my pole picked up a branch and it flicked back towards Casey who then let out a yell/scream. Inevitably I swung around to see Casey giggling, I actually thought for a second I may have had to use my pole to fight off something… Defiantly a little bit of adrenalin pumped through my system at that moment. It didn’t help that we didn’t bring a head torch! All in all it was a super cool ski, so if you haven’t been night skiing I recommended it fully!

T’was the 3rd day of Christmas…
The SV Gold Team and the Awesome SV PG team headed to Bozeman from West Yellow Stone, to compete in the second USSA Super Tour series. On Saturday the 6th we had the Classic sprint. Finally after struggling with the altitude adjustment, I nearly felt on top of my game again! I qualified 31st, just under a second off qualifying for the senior sprint heats. Although i qualified for the junior heats ranking in at #1, bitter sweet but at least I am still getting some good practice for heat racing! My final placing for the day was 1st in the Junior A final! So I am pretty stoked with that!
Following the sprint, on the 7th we had the Mass start 10km classic.  Originally we were meant to start at 9am but the organizers pushed it back to 10am! The snow was brutal; coaches from various teams were basically skiing on an ice rink… Frozen solid! The race couldn’t start until the organizers had finished putting crash mats on trees…Back when Coach Tom ski raced he said that he ended up hitting a tree on the same course! So that explained the crash mats, which turns out were needed, but weren’t all in the right places, as fellow PG teammate Sam ended up in a tree, luckily only breaking a pole. I felt I had a pretty good 10km, for 1. Surviving and 2.  Actually managing to ski a smooth race. I ended up in 38th In the open and the 5th junior overall!
What’s next for me? To head back to SV to enjoy the massive dump of snow they just received! Yay!
Bozeman is a pretty specy place!

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