Davos World Cup – 10/15km Classic

Norway again! In both the men’s and women’s event Norway continued to dominate finishing first and second in both. The story of the season so far is in the women’s event where Therese Johaug has learnt to classic beating the entire field by 42 seconds.

Callum Watson started the event but was unable to finish. This is the second weekend in a row Callum has not finished a classic distance event. Hopefully as the season progresses and his body continues to recover he will be able to get through and then race well in such events. It is worth saying that sometimes a DNF is not a bad results if the alternative is causing further damage to your body.

Tomorrow Callum will race the skate sprint along side Phillip Bellingham, Esther Bottomley and Jackson Bursill.

Results – Men

1. Martin Sundby, NOR, 39:39.7

2. Didrick Toenseth, NOR, 39:46.3

3. Dario Cologna, SUI, 39:47.0

4. Sjur Roethe, NOR, 39:56.1

5. Daniel Richardsson, SWE, 40:02.6

88 starters

Results – Women

1. Therese Johaug, NOR, 28:30.8

2. Marit Bjoergen, NOR, 29:13.2

3. Kerttu Niskanen, FIN, 29:29.3

4. Anna Haag, SWE, 29:37.9

5. Sofia Bleckur, SWE 29:47.2

60 starters


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