Review: Indoor Ski Areas of the World

Half an Adventure

Well, let’s say it’s more like a comparison of two, as they’re the only ones I’ve been to, namely the DKB Skihalle in Oberhof, and the famous Ski Dubai in the UAE.

For a bit of context, I came to Oberhof, a ski town in the dead centre of Germany, because they actually have natural snow, unlike almost everywhere in the Alps, and even without natural snow I can still go inside and train in the ski tunnel. Actual details of the trip will come later, now is just a step-by-step review. Note: I visited Ski Dubai in 2007, so my information is just a tad out-of-date.


I’ll let you decide on this one. Just compare the two photos of the inside:

Ski Tunnel Oberhof Ski Tunnel Oberhof

Ski Dubai Ski Dubai

Or the outside:

Ski Dubai Ski Dubai

I didn’t even take a photo of the outside of the Ski Tunnel, because it was foggy…

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