Enter Nick Montgomery – OPA Cup Hochfilzen

Nick Montgomery  opened his 2014/2015 race season with a classic sprint in the OPA Cup in Hochfilzen.


Picture: Nick Montgomery racing earlier this year in Australia.

The OPA Cup is the Middle European Continental Cup, those athletes from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and France need to meet a qualification to compete and when they do they compete for and are supported by their national ski federation as opposed to their clubs and training groups. This leads to a very competitive and very professional field and provides a great opportunity for athletes who are hoping to step up onto World Cup.

The Hochfilzen OPA Cup replaced the St Ulrich OPA Cup due to lack of snow. The Hochfilzen trails where made up of man-made snow left over from last weekend’s Biathlon World Cup. Warm weather and rain made the conditions challenging especially for a classic sprint. In the end Nick finished 77 out of 78th:

“It was not the kind of start to the season I was hoping for: I was dealing with an injury I picked up slipping over outside my house two days ago, which tightened up my back and hip flexor. I felt a bit inhibited in my movement which meant I couldn’t find top gear. Conditions were challenging, with a lot of rain making for a pretty soft course where poles sank a fair way in.” – Nick Montgomery

Tomorrow Nick will compete in a 10km skate individual start.


  1. Jovian Hediger, SUI, 3:20.19
  2. Ueli Schnider, SUI, 3:23.49
  3. Markus Bader, AUT, 3:23.57
  4. Sergio Rigoni, ITA, 3:23.90
  5. Maicol Rastelli, ITA, 3:25

77. Nick Montgomery, AUS, 4:13.68

78 Starters

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