Paul Kovacs 14th in FIS Conoco Phillips Besh Cup Sprint

In arguably his best sprint result so far this season Paul Kovacs raced himself in the top 15 in the opening race of Alaska’s Conoco Phillips Besh Cup Series. The event was a skate sprint held at Kincaid Park in Anchorage. In attendance, the top Alaskan skiers which according to most Alaskans is the same as saying in attendance was the top American skiers. An arrogant statement but one not too far from the truth.

In PK’s own words: “The sprint race went well, I was happy to make the heats and get the chance to race head to head against a high standard of competition. Kincaid Park is amazing and the course was the best sprint course I’ve raced since I arrive in the U.S. My heat was fast and myself a University of Alaska Anchorage skier and an APU athlete were jostling for first as we headed out of the stadium. Around the final corner into the last climb I was boxed out and was pushed into third which is where I ended up.”

This season PK has shown remarkable improvement in his sprint racing. Not only have his placings in sprint been considerable higher his time behind the winner and his FIS points have also improved.

Tomorrow PK will race an individual start skate event at Hillside which is another trail system in Anchorage close to the famous APU campus and training facilities.

Note: For those of you who regularly read this blog you may be thinking what is PK doing in Alaska, wasn’t he supposed to be in Montana training with the Bridger Ski Foundation. Wasn’t he just racing in Bozeman and West Yellowstone? PK has traveled up to Anchorage to spend Christmas with his girlfriend and her family. For more information on the life and times of PK as he chases the XC Skiing dream go to

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