Nick Montgomery back to near best in Hochfilzen


After two frustrating days of racing Nick Montgomery returned to near his best in the 15km skate OPA Cup in Hochfilzen. Nick finished in 114 place 22% behind the winner. On the surface this may not seem like that good a results but in context of the field and the quality of the top five it is a very strong showing.

“I had a better day today despite racing in some challenging conditions. 10cm of fresh snow had covered the slop underneath, but with 500 competitors (including women and juniors) each doing 2-4 laps the surface became very hard and glazed. The skis I was using were not suited to the hard stuff so I lost a bit of time there.

All up I raced fairly consistently and am mostly happy with my result, but definitely looking to build on it in the next few weeks.” – Nick Montgomery

The winner of the race was Illia Chernousov who won a bronze medal at the Sochi Olympics but is better known to Australians as being running up in the Hoppet and the Rocky Valley Rush in 2013. Second was former U23 World Champion, World Cup winner at 5th place at the Sochi Olympics Sergey Ustiugov. Third was Italian Olympian Dietmar Noekler and forth was multiple World Cup winner Alexey Poltoranin.

Nick finished in 114th place out of 122 starters approximately 22% behind the winner.


1. Illia Chernousov, RUS, 23:26.9

2. Sergey Ustiugov, RUS, 23:33.4

3. Dietmar Noekler, ITA, 23:54.4

4. Alexey Poltoranin, KAZ, 23:29.8

5. Lucas Boegl, GER, 24:02.3

114. Nick Montgomery, AUS, 28:36.2

122 starters.


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