Esther Bottomley Podiums in Campra Swiss Cup, Jackson Bursill top 20

Esther Bottomley and Jackson Bursill raced in the Campra FIS Swiss Cup which was held on the 28/29 December. The event consisted of a classic sprint on Sunday and a 7.5/15km skate on Monday. Esther gained her highest finish and first podium of the season finishing 3rd in the sprint race while Jackson’s top finish was 17th in the sprint which was his first international top 20 finish.

Esther Bottomley Australian cross country skiing athlete Esther Bottomley poses during a national team portrait session on September 8, 2013 in Falls Creek, Australia.

Skiing takes commerce student cross-country

The highlight of the event for Australia was the women’s A-final in the classic sprint. Here Esther Bottomley was locked in a battle for the podium with Swiss World Cup skier Christa Jaeger. Esther took the lead at the start and was in front of Christa for most of the race. Heading towards the finish Christa moved in front with Esther close behind. The finish came down to a flat out sprint in which Esther was able to out double pole her competitor and finish in third place and on the podium for the first time this year.

In the qualifying round before the finals the seniors and the juniors were mixed together. Esther finished 7th out of an extended field of 28 skiers, 10 seconds or 4.5% behind the winner.

Jackson Bursill skied solidly in the sprint event to record one of his best classic sprint results finishing 35th out of 63 in a field that included seniors and juniors. Jackson was 27 seconds or 13.9% behind the winner Mathias Inniger from Switzerland. This results was good enough to qualify Jackson for the finals where he finished 17th.  Jackson said he felt quite good although was lacking power where it counted but was happy to gain some finals racing experience.

The distance race on Monday was moved higher into the mountains due to lack of snow and consisted of what Esther described as the largest and steepest climb she has ever experienced. Despite this Esther raced well to be in fourth place after the first 3km in the 7.5km event. At the finish Esther dropped to 6th place but still only 12 seconds behind fourth. Her results which was 1:31min behind the winner or 6% was a great result for Esther on a tough course.

Jackson’s 15km race was consistent. He kept roughly the same percentage behind the winner, Toni Livers of Switzerland, for the entire race. At the finish Jackson was 8:29min or 21% behind the winner. This is probably not the result Jackson was hoping for and he will be looking to improve later in January. Jackson will focus on training these next two weeks before competing in an OPA Cup event in Germany where he will be joined by Nick Montgomery, Anna Trnka and Aimee Watson.

Results – Senior Women’s Sprint Finals

1. Tatjana Stiffler, SUI

2. Rahel Imoberdorf, SUI

3. Esther Bottomley, AUS

4. Christa Jaeger, SUI

5. Maya Neiderberger

Results – Ladies Sprint Qualifier

1. Tatjana Stiffler, SUI, 3:55.88

2. Nadine Faehndrich, SUI, 3:58.25

3. Stafanie Arnold, SUI, 4:04.05

7. Esther Bottomley, AUS, 4:06.76

28 starters

Results – Senior Men’s Sprint Finals

1. Mathias Inniger, SUI

2. Valerio Leccardi, SUI

3. Roman Schaad, SUI

17. Jackson Bursill, AUS

Results – Men’s Qualifying

1. Mathias Inniger, SUI, 3:20.42

2. Valerio Leccardi, SUI, 3:23.58

3. Fabian Schaad, SUI, 3:24.37

35. Jackson Bursill, AUS, 3:48.25

63 starters

Results – Women’s 7.5km Skate

1.Lydia Hiernickel, SUI, 24:16.3

2. Nadine Faehndrich, SUI, 24:49.1

3. Rahel Imoberdorf, SUI, 25:04.9

6. Esther Bottomley, AUS, 25:47.4

Results – Men’s 15km Skate

1. Toni Livers, SUI, 39:24.3

2. Candide Pralong, SUI, 39:47.8

3. Valerio Leccardi, SUI, 40:22.5

21. Jackson Bursill, AUS, 47:54.0

Full results are available at


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