Off to World Champs, Christmas and some awesome training!

mark pollock

After my races in Rossland I had a bit of a decision to make. As well as meeting the A-qualifying criteria for Under 23 World Champs, I also met the B-qualifying criteria for World Champs (The real deal: no age groups!). This means that I could start the 10km Skate qualifying race at World Champs in late February in Falun, Sweden. Thus, the decision was: should I go all the way to Sweden and extend my trip to race (potentially only the qualifying race).

After tossing the idea around my head for a few days (and some chats to relevant people) I decided that it was an opportunity I couldn’t give up. Thus, my trip schedule has changed to the following:

  • 1-11 Jan: US Nationals (Michigan)
  • 12 Jan – Late Jan: Pre U23 World Champs training camp with the Australian team (Ramsau).
  • 29 Jan – Feb 8: U23 World Champs (Kazakhstan).

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