Paradise Found

Half an Adventure

Prelude: Scenes from an Italian(-Swiss) Restaurant

Jackson and Nick are in Biasca, Switzerland, about to devour a $20 bowl of spaghetti which has as its sauce only olive oil and salt. Christmas pop songs are playing over the radio, and the conversation turns to Christmas.

Jackson: ‘what’s that really famous Christmas song, I think by Christina Aguilera?’

Nick: ‘You mean Mariah Carey? Yeah, I know the song, but I can’t actually remember how it goes’

Ten minutes later, bloated from the oily spaghetti, there is silence between us. Suddenly, at moderate volume in an empty restaurant:

‘All I want for Christmas is you’, Nick blurts out.


‘I mean, that’s the name of the song. I don’t specifically want you for Christmas, Jackson’

‘Well, it’s good that that’s cleared up now’.

The Actual Blog Post

It’s now bright and sunny in the Allgäu, with a thick blanket of snow over…

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