Phillip Bellingham Aussie XC Skier

My results recently have been pretty up and down but unfortunately more often down than up.


The Tour De Ski and the Scandinavian cup in Falun this weekend were no exception to this. The tour started off with a 4 km skate prologue, this wasn’t too bad. I finished 81st out of 93, 55secs or around 9% behind. I was hoping for a little better.


The second stage, the 15 km classic pursuit was a rough one. After time bonuses were given i was stating 1:10 behind the winner. The first 5k was great, I felt like super man and was skiing with, and in front of, quite a few people. After about 10k it was pretty clear I wasn’t actually superman and ended up struggling home in second last just on the cusp of the 15% behind, cut off limit.


It was good to have these lads and the…

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