Callum Watson 88th in Scando Cup, 10% behind winner Matti Heikkinen of Finland

Callum Watson’s 88th in the 30km skiathlon Scandinavian Cup in Falun, Sweden is worth reporting on for several reasons:

  • Callum is one of Australia’s top World Cup skiers and people are interested in what he is doing.
  • Callum’s chest injury from August has led him being unable to start or finish any classic races this season up until this result.
  • On the World Championships course in Falun, Callum was able to finish 10% behind a former World Champion and someone who will be near the top of the field come the main event in February.

In a field of 133 Callum finished 88th, 7:50 behind the winner Matti Heikkinen who finished the 30km in 1:16:51.9.


  1. Matti Heikkinen, FIN, 1:16:51.9
  2. Emil Iversen, NOR, 1:16:57.1
  3. Hans Christer Holund, NOR, 1:17:00.1
  1. Callum Watson, AUS, 1:24:42.8

133 starters.


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