Nick Montgomery Gains Personal Best OPA Cup Result. Aimee Watson and Anna Trnka off to a solid start.

Nick Montgomery finished just over 15% behind the winner in the 15km skate in what can only be described as his best result on OPA Cup. Aimee Watson also performed well starting her international campaign off with a 29th place 14% behind the winner in the 10km skate.

Nick Montgomery, U23 15km Classic

Nick Montgomery racing in the 2014 U23 Championships

For Nick Montgomery, 71st place in the 15km skate event was a great result for him as his time was only 15% behind the winner (143 FIS points). This is Nick’s best result on OPA Cup, a race circuit that is notoriously hard for Australians to achive good results on.

Jackson Bursill was the other Australian in the race who finished 55 seconds behind Nick. Embarrisingly for Jackson he made a wrong turn on the course and cut almost 500 meters off the race. Having made the mistake Jackson lost motivation yet still skied strongly to the finish. By the time Jackson reported his mistake to race officals the results had already been posted and it was decided it was easier not disqualify him.

In the female 10km skate Aimee Watson and Anna Trnka made there international debut for season 2014/2015. Both had been in the country for just over a week and were well prepared for their first race. Aimee finished in 29th place 3:51 or 14% behind the winner Lucia Scardoni from Italy. Anna Trnka was one place further back 5:09 or 19% behind the winner.

The final Oberwiesenthal OPA Cup was changed from a pursuit to a 10/15km classic individual start. This race did not go well for the Australians with finishing off the back well over 20% behind the winner. Stay tune for athlete reports from the weekend of racing.


Men’s 15km Skate

1. Adrien Backsheider, FRA 35:13.9

2. Bastien Poirrier, FRA, 35:37.9

3. Stefano Gardenier, ITA, 35:46.4

71. Nick Montgomery AUS, 40:27.8

73. Jackson Bursill, AUS, 41:22.8

76 starters

Ladies 10km Skate

1. Lucia Scardoni, ITA, 27:30.5

2. Marina Piller, ITA, 27:39.8

3. Anouk Faiver Picon, FRA, 27:40.1

29. Aimee Watson, AUS, 31:21.9

31. Anna Trnka, AUS, 32:40.1

32 starters

Men’s 15km Classic

1. Valentin Maettig, GER, 32:40.2

2. Markus Weeger, GER, 33:13.2

3. Giandomenica Salvadori, ITA, 33:17.3

60. Nick Montgomery, AUS, 40:05

61 starters

Ladies 10km Classic

1. Julia Belger, GER, 28:30.6

2. Giulia Stuerz, ITA, 28:31.2

3. Lucia Scardoni, ITA, 28:33.8

27. Aimee Watson, AUS, 32:23.7

28. Anna Trnka, AUS, 33:06.8

28 starters


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