Falun 2015 – Women 4 by 5km Relay

Falun 2015 Race Report # 7 – Women’s Relay

The Women’s Relay in Falun was held on Thursday February 26. Fielding a women’s relay team was one of the major goals for Australia at this championship. With 2.5km laps it was calculated that our athletes needed to lose less than two minutes per leg to avoid overlapping, which required a step up to a higher level from their previous performances in Falun. Unfortunately after Jessica Yeaton lost 3 minutes to the leaders on the first leg and Aimee Watson just over 3 minutes on the second leg it was not to be. A rocketing fast skate leg (just over 10 minutes for the leading teams) meant that neither Esther Bottomley nor Casey Wright were able to start. While it was a disappointing end result for all the athletes, it was an incredible achievement for Australia to have a record six female athletes qualified to the team. The gold medal went to Norway by nearly 30 seconds, with Sweden sprinting home for silver ahead of Finland.


Xanthea Dewez (reserve), Aimee Watson (2nd leg), Jessica Yeaton (1st leg), Casey Wright (4th leg), Esther Bottomley (3rd leg).



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