Bellingham into 2015 Red Bull Nordix Finals

The 2015 Red Bull Nordix Final is on this Saturday March 21 in Salen in Sweden. Ovenight Australia’s sole entrant Philip Bellingham made it through the first qualification round and narrowly missed out on winning the best trick competition. The finals seeding round and finals take place tonight (Australian time) and can be viewed live over the internet.


In 2013 Phil finished 14th in the Red Bull Nordix in Czech, on that occasion he won the best trick event with a back flip. In Sweden the compeition was tougher, with a number of skiers landing inverted jumps.

“I thought I was in with a good chance after I landed both a Lincoln (a sideways loop) and a back flip,” said Phil from Högfjället, where all the athletes are being hosted. “However another skier also pulled a Lincoln and they judged his style was better.” The winner was local Swede Johan Lilja – footage of his jump and others can be seen on the Red Bull Nordix site. Phil appears a couple of times in the general footage, including his succesful back flip.


Tonight (during the day in Sweden) an additional qualifying round and the finals take place. Though official results have been hard to locate, Phil is well placed amongst the 64 men qualified through to the finals. After the final seeding athletes will ski off in heats of four, the first two finishers from each going through to the next round.

“I think I qualified 7th, though there seemed to be a little confusion about the timing,” reported Phil. “The final heats will be hot tomorrow, in the next second after me there was about 10 guys including Emil Jonsson (multiple Sprint World Cup winner). The course is fun, a couple of big jumps and a super steep uphill, but not too technical. Good lane choices will help as there’s a tight corner soon after the start.”


Live footage of the finals on the Red Bull site starts at 1:00am EST in Australia (3:00pm CET).


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