Sprang Series

See below for Kat Paul’s latest post from the Lake Mountain Ambassador Program weebly blog (originally posted on April 9).

Following my week in Truckee CA, I had my last set of races, USSA Spring Series at my home away from home, Sun Valley. The first race was a 10km classic; I decided to give this race a miss as I was still recovering from Junior Nationals. The second race was the skate sprint, I was feeling good, but the snow was rock hard, and very hard for me to get any power out of my legs. I missed out on qualifying for the senior heats, but as a junior I was able to race in the junior heats. I was dissatisfied with my rank in 7th place, but I knew I could only move up. The sprint course of the day was one I had raced many times and I knew my strategy, even though I was disheartened by the qualifier I had the upper hand mentally as I knew exactly what moves I would pull out. For the first round I finished in 1st place, putting my plan in action. As there were fewer juniors there were only 2 rounds. Next up was the A final. I was feeling good despite the tight turn-around between rounds. My plan was going well until the final straight, when I was about to make my move I slipped and fell. It was too late for me to catch up so I came in 6th postion. I was disappointed with my outcome but I had a great looking bruise on my leg that swelled up straight after. So at least I came away with something to show, just maybe not what I had originally intended.


My next race was the 4x5km relay, the weather had turned and suddenly it wasn’t looking much like spring any more, and more like the beginning of winter with big snow flurries. Making it a very slow course, and even harder ski. I was the first leg (classic) so I started in the mass start, it was pretty hectic to begin with but it spread out after the first 2km. My other 3 teammates had very good legs and we finished in 20th place overall.

My final race was a 15km skate. This was a new race to me, as I had never done a 15km before. It was back to spring, and most defiantly the hottest day my season. Meaning more sunscreen, and less layers! It was held on a 5km course, so being a mathematician that’s 3 laps… My race plan was to find my rhythm on the first lap, and begin building for the second lap, and finally for the third lap throw down everything and power to the finish. I finished in 5th place in a sprint finish.


I’ve had such a great season and I was happy overall with all my races.
Thanks to RoJo & Fischer for generously sponsoring me with some much needed gear!


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