Coach Level 0 – Dryland Training workshops

Are you a Club volunteer, school program leader, parent of a skier or looking for ways to improve your fitness before the winter?
The XC Level 0 Dryland Training workshop is your one-stop shop for getting the latest technique information and gaining confidence in training developing skiers. This one day workshop covers drylanHill bounding at Mount Beauty Level 0 workshopd training methods of ski walking, ski bounding, basic strength training and rollerskiing. Participants will come away with the latest technical knowledge, skill development progressions and 3 easy to follow lessons plans. There are no pre-requisites and the course is entirely practical so you get to have fun while you learn!
There are only 2 opportunities to attend one of these workshops left in 2015, Saturday 30th May in Jindabyne or Melbourne!
Registration is through the Ski & Snowboard Australia website, under “Register for Events Online”
For more information contact SSA Cross Country National Coaching Director Allison McArdle


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