Looking for a qualified XC Coach?

SSA Cross Country is working hard to improve the standard and quality of coaching in Australia. There are more education workshops being run than ever before providing everyone from the Club volunteer to those who want to be elite level coaches with opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills base.

Currently there are a number of very experienced and highly skilled coaches working with development level to World Cup skiers. As part of our mission to improve the profile of Australian XC coaches we have put together a list of qualified coaches and the experience they bring to the Australian XC community. To find a qualified coach near you check out the list below.

List_SSA Qualified XC Coaches_2015

If you would like contact one of these coaches please email the National Coaching Director (NCD), Allison McArdle allison.c.stoddart@gmail.com

If you would like to know more about education opportunities or becoming a coach check out the calendar of workshops happening in 2015 or email the NCD.

2015 Course Calendar_FINAL


2 Responses

  1. Perhaps overseas qualified coaches who will shortly be in Aust for winter should also be included – Petr Jakl and Gatis Praulitis immediately come to mind.

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    • We can certainly recognise overseas coaches, we are just in the process of putting together the formal literature and form for them to complete so we know what level to recognise them at.

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