Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase update 4 August 2015

After the first four Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase events were cancelled due to lack of snow or wild weather, we finally had some success when the Hotham to Dinner Plain (also known as the Pub to Pub) took place on Saturday.  Despite the truly awful weather there was a great turn-out.  Many thanks to Mick Sinclair and his team of helpers for once again putting on this great event.

The snow cover was very good, but the heavy rain and very wet falling snow greatly softened the snow pack, which added to the challenge.

Click on the links here to see the interim results Women03Aug2015Men03Aug2015.  These results include only those people who had registered by Sunday 4th of August.  More names will be added to the results as additional people register.  To register follow this link:

In both the women’s and men’s competition familiar names have immediately appeared in the top 5.  It’s great to see a few new names also.   Our early leaders in the women’s competition are Brenda Pollock, Christijana Holmes, Anna Trnka, Esther Bottomley and Belinda Phillips, and in the men’s we have Ben Derrick, Kevin Tory, Chris Allan, Ian Franzke and Phillip Bellingham.

There are four events this coming weekend at Mt. Stirling (Saturday, 11 AM, Stirling Silver Hill Climb), Falls Creek (Saturday, 10 AM, Ski de Femme), Mt Baw Baw (Sunday, 10:30 AM, Tullicoutty/St. Phillack Cup) and Falls Creek (Sunday, 11:15 AM, Rocky Valley Rush/ Sun Valley Ramble).  With so many locations to choose from there’s an event for everyone.  After this weekend the final event of the series will only be two weeks away, and that’s the Hoppet/Birkebeiner/Joey.  So to maximise your points and increase your chances of winning the prizes, make sure you turn up to as many events as you can.

Thanks to our sponsors, Skike Australia, Rochford Winery, and our donors for the U23 cash prizes, Skike force members, Melbourne Nordic Ski Club and our anonymous donors.

Any questions? Try the information at or send an enquiry to

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