Paddy Pallin Junior 2015

Snow, sunshine and smiles were the order of the day for the Paddy Pallin Junior cross country ski event held on Saturday 5 September 2015. Having been postponed from the beginning of the July school holidays due to a lack of snow, the weather gods certainly turned on a show and there was plenty of snow and sunshine to go around.


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Thirty one participants, ranging in age from 2 years to 16 years, competed over varying distances from 50 metres to three kilometres, with multiple laps on a one kilometre loop ensuring excellent view points for spectators. As the oldest cross country ski event still being held in Australia, it was wonderful to see a broad spectrum of abilities and ages, including a number of participants who are the second generation of previous Paddy Pallin junior competitors.

The traditional lunch of hot dogs, fruit drinks and fruit was enjoyed by all competitors and helpers post event at the Nordic Shelter, followed by the presentation of certificates and spot prizes, which were generously donated by Paddy Pallin. For the final event of the day, the children were organised into teams of varying ages for the jelly snake hunt on skis, with the winning team coming away with a hefty handful of jelly snakes to share amongst themselves!

The Paddy Pallin Junior organisers extend many thanks to the sponsors, parents and friends who helped make it such a successful and enjoyable day. Special thanks to Paddy Pallin for providing the great spot prizes, hotdogs, drinks and jelly snakes, Wiffens Canberra for the fruit, Adrian for accommodating the event at the Nordic Shelter and for operating the timing, and all of the helpers who assisted with many tasks to ensure the event occurred.

Times achieved by participants:

Age Group/Name Club/Team/School Time (mins)
0-2 years 50 m  
Eric Murtagh-Herlihy   2.03
3-4 years 50 m  
Satu Laajoki Mt Rogers Primary 0.59
Eli Chapman   1.20
5-6 years 750m  
Flynn Niven Jindabyne Central 3.44
Uma von Stolzenheim Kambala 5.16
Frankie Dennis Jindabyne Central 6.08
Emelia Greville CAC/St Patrick’s 6.42
Magnus Bell ACT XC/Canberra Grammar 8.05
Rose Murtagh-Herlihy Jindabyne Central 15.20
7-8 years 1000m  
Lottie Walker-Broose NSW Club/St Patrick’s 4.50
Sienna Wright Danebank 4.54
Ava von Stolzenheim Kambala 5.49
Anvi Gupta ACT XC/Radford 6.09
Alec Bell ACT XC/Canberra Grammar 8.14
9-10 years 2000m  
Zana Evans Cooma Ski Club/ Jindabyne Central 7.46
Heli Laajoki ACT XC /Mt Rogers Primary 9.05
Abbey Evans Cooma Ski Club/Jindabyne Central 10.25
Harriet Greville CAC/St Patrick’s 10.59
Cameron Winfield   15.09
11-12 years 2000m  
Sam Bylett Jindy Juniors/Jindabyne Central 8.42
Olivia Burke NSW Squad/Jindabyne Central 8.51
Spencer Walker-Broose NSW Squad/St Patrick’s 9.32
Hamish Greenwood Jindy Juniors/Jindabyne Central 11.43
Oscar Arnott Scots 11.56
13-14 years 3000m  
Bentley Walker-Broose NSW Team/ SMGS 9.57
Declan Burke NSW Team/SMGS 9.58
Lola Timewell NSW Team/SMGS 11.56
15-16 years 3000m  
Nelle Forster-Berghuis NSW Team/St Clare’s College 11.29
Sophie Nicholl Jindy Juniors/SMGS 11.52
Hugo Hinckfuss Scots 12.08
Sam Whitmore CAC/Orana 14.34

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