Draft 2016 Race Calendar

The draft 2016 Australian Race Calendar has been released for feedback from race organisers and preliminary planning, and is posted here in PDF format.

The major event dates and locations have been confirmed by the SSA XC committee as follows:

• July 30/31: AUS Championship Sprint C & Distance F, Perisher
• August 6/7: Australian Junior Championship, Perisher
• August 7-14: NSW XC Week, Perisher
• August 20/21*: AUS Championship Sprint F & Distance C, Falls Creek
• August 27: Kangaroo Hoppet, Falls Creek

Most club races have been rolled over from details in 2015. Race organisers wishing to change details should contact the National or State Race Secretaries via the contact details on the calendar.

* Dates corrected from the original post.


3 Responses

  1. Hi AusXC.

    I am very keen to enter more XC ski events. I am a relative newcomer to XC racing and have only ever attended events around Falls Creek and Mount Hotham. I have found it difficult to find information about other events including SprintX, Bullfight Charge and the Snowy Mountains Classic at Perisher. There is good information on the dates and locations and previous results, but it is difficult to find out what the event is? I know that the Hoppet is 42km, the Birky is 21km, the Rocky Valley Rush is 10km and the Pub to Pub is 12km, because I have competed in them, but I had to email Kevin Tory to find out about the SprintX and the Bullfight Charge. I still don’t know what distance the Snowy Mountains Classis is? So can I please request your website to consider beginners, newcomers and first time entrants, and give us some information so that we will be more likely to get involved.
    Thanks for your great website.

    Regards, John Darveniza

    • Hi John,

      The AUSXC site is currently being redeveloped and the new site will display the calendar in a different way. You can currently find more information about many beginner/intermediate events via the DiscoverXC website.

      Best regards,


  2. Are you sure those dates are correct? Nat Champs at Falls Creek on Sunday and Monday?

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