OPA Cup Classic Sprint – Campra

The Australian team travelled from Seefeld to Campra on Wednesday to begin the next stage of the WYOG/WJC Trip. Campra is suffering from a less than favourable winter, causing a few changes in the tracks from what many Aussies will be familiar with who have raced there before. Never the less, it provided some exciting challenges and set us up for a great race weekend!

Both men and women faced a 1.4km sprint course with 5 short, steep herringbone hills. Many of the senior (and junior) men elected to double pole on skate skis (and have the option to bail out into herringbone if needed) whilst all our skiers stuck with classic skis and gripwax. In total seven skiers were disqualified for skating, whilst this pales in comparison to the 15 teams in the Norwegian Championships that were disqualified, it still shows just how far the boundaries are being pushed in the sport.

To racing. The Aussies were lead off by Kat Paul, who powered through qualification to finish 23rd and make the finals. Stella Ajani was next in 36th with a ripper of a ski, followed by Ella Jackson, Lilly Boland and Alecia Phillips who were mostly taking part in their first international sprint event.

Hugh Pollard was the strongest of the boys finishing 60th, 42.12sec behind Janez Lampic of Slovenia. Liam Burton was close behind in 63rd, 46.49sec behind. It should be noted that Janez was only 3 seconds behind the fastest open male qualifier Giadanomenico Salvadori of Italy.

Chris Cook was the sole representative in the Open Men finishing 51st, 39.46sec behind Salvadori.

Battery running low, so that is all for now. 7.5/10km Freestyle Individual Start Saturday, followed by 10/15km Classic Pursuit on Sunday.





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  1. Thanks for the updates. Helen and I enjoy reading the reports but we would really like to see the writer’s name included.

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