AUS Rollerski Championship Update

As posted back in January, the 2016 Australian Rollerski Championship will be held in Canberra on April 9. Due to feedback from previous years and several requests some new categories will be held this year. The event categories are now as follows:

  • Open (for participants with racing wheels)
  • Championship (for participants with normal training wheels)
  • Sport (for new rollerskiers, held over a shorter distance)
  • Junior U16 (born 2001 or later)
  • Junior U12 (born 2005 or later)

Online registration via SSA is the preferred method for all entries, although entries on the day will still be accepted for an additional $5 fee.

While it is still anticipated that there will still be be variations in rollerski wheel speed, the Open category will separate out those either with racing wheels or inline-skates. The brand of rollerskis will be published on the result list as done in previous years.

Further race details including the race schedule for the day are included in the original event notice.


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