Paddy Junior Report & Results

Snow, sunshine and smiles were the order of the day for the Paddy Pallin Junior cross country ski event held on Saturday 2 July 2016 at the Perisher cross country trails.

Thirty four participants, ranging in age from 15 months to 16 years, competed over varying distances from 30 metres to two kilometres. An abundance of groomed trails allowed for different courses for different ages all within view of the enthusiastic   spectators.  As the oldest cross country ski event still being held in Australia, it was wonderful to see a broad spectrum of abilities and ages, including a number of participants who are the second generation of previous Paddy Pallin junior competitors.


The traditional lunch of hot dogs, fruit drinks and fruit was enjoyed by all competitors and helpers post event at the Nordic Shelter, followed by the presentation of certificates and spot prizes, which were generously donated by Paddy Pallin.  For the final event of the day, the children were organised into teams of varying ages for the jelly snake hunt on skis, with the winning team coming away with a hefty handful of jelly snakes to share amongst themselves!

The Paddy Pallin Junior organisers extend many thanks to the sponsors, parents and friends who helped make it such a successful and enjoyable day.  Special thanks to Paddy Pallin for providing the great spot prizes, hotdogs, drinks and jelly snakes, the Perisher Supermarket for providing the bread rolls, Wiffens Canberra for the fruit, Leslie and Peter for accommodating the event at the Nordic Shelter and all of the helpers who assisted with many tasks to ensure the event was a great success.

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