Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase – Birkie Classic results

On Saturday 2nd July the second Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase event (first to be held), the Birkie Classic, took place in foggy conditions, but great snow cover.  Many thanks to the Birkebeiner Ski Club for putting on another fine event.

A good field of almost 60 skiers opened their wax boxes and got to test their waxing technique and early season fitness.  Although, increasing numbers opted for no wax options, such as scales, zeroes, mohair or just grunting it out double-poling.   I think double-poling won the day at least for the men.

First up, a reminder of how the place points are calculated for events with varying distances.

Points are awarded in preference to the “main” race when multiple sub-races are included in the overall event.  This means if there are 20 participants in the main event, they earn places 1—20 according to finish order, and participants in the next ranked event earn places 21, 22, and so on.  The event ranking is usually the longest to shortest distance.  However, for the Birkie Classic the “main” event for women has been in recent years (perhaps always) the 5 km event.  Thus we have ranked the women’s events in the following order: 5 km, 10 km then 2.5 km.

The interim results, which include only those people who had registered by Sunday 3rd of July can be found here:Ski Chase Interim Results 6July2016_women Ski Chase Interim Results 6July2016_men  More names will be added to the results as additional people register.

In the women’s competition Briana Oldis has taken the early lead, followed by Lillian Boland, Katerina Paul, Ella Jackson and Amy Beanland.  All are eligible for the Under 23 cash prizes, and only five years in age separates them.  In contrast 55 years in age separates the top five men (I’ll let the reader guess which is which): Kevin Tory, Will Middlemiss, Phillip Bellingham, Mark Pollack and Rod Clutterbuck.

As in previous years all U23 competitors at this early stage in the competition are in the running for cash prizes.  So, if you know anyone who competed who is not included on the list, give them some encouragement to register.

The next event is the Snow Trek and Travel High Plains Tour at Falls Creek this Saturday 9 July.  Race start 11am, 10/5/2.5 km, and new to this season a 1 km event (Freestyle technique).  Remember, to maximise your points ski the longest distance that you can.

Any questions? Try the information at or send an enquiry





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