2016 Low-Fluor Waxing Protocol

At the Ski & Snowboard Australia Cross Country Committee (SSAXC) meeting earlier this year it was agreed to adopt a Low-Fluoro Wax Protocol for club and state level competitions.

The aims of this protocol are to:

  • Create a level playing field and fair competitions that demonstrate the skiing ability of participants.
  • Reduce time spent waxing so more focus can be put on preparing for competition.
  • Reduce the cost to athletes, parents and teams to compete in XC Skiing.
  • Minimise potential health risks from high-fluor waxing with poor ventilation.

In summary SSAXC encourages all participants only to use no-fluor or low-fluor waxes for these competitions. Further details are available in the linked PDF: SSAXC Low-Fluoro Waxing Protocol 2016

This is a self-governed policy and it is hoped that all athletes, parents and coaches will be fully supportive. Similar waxing protocols exist throughout Canada and the USA and have been successful in keeping costs low and the competition fair. While there may be some concerns and challenges, we believe the vast majority of skiers & families would like this policy implemented. Self-policing, education, and the cooperation of retailers should make this change for the better a real possibility and keep costs low to encourage increased participation in our sport.

Note that this protocol does not extend to Australian Championships or Australian Junior Championships, nor for the Kangaroo Hoppet (including the Australian Birkebeiner and Joey Hoppet), which is an international event.


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