Waxing For Victorian Juniors

Attention coaches, athletes and parents preparing for the Victorian Junior Championship at Falls Creek this weekend July 16/17.

You may have seen the SSAXC low-fluor waxing protocol that was published on this site earlier this week, which is designed to level the playing field and reduce costs for lower levels of competition.

While all coaches contacted have expressed support for this protocol in principle, there have been some requests for coaches to have more time to discuss the protocol with parents and athletes in order to explain the reasoning behind it. For this reason, race organisers and the Victorian Junior Squad manager/coaches have determined that this waxing protocol will not apply for the Victorian Championship this weekend. Individuals can choose to wax no-fluor, low-fluor or high-fluor as they see fit. Notwithstanding this decision, because of the new snow and cold conditions forecast for Friday night, it is expected that the snow will be relative dry and high-fluor waxes will likely not provide much of an advantage anyway.

For the ACT/NSW junior championship at Perisher this weekend, it is expected that all participants will follow the low-fluor waxing protocol as information has been available all season at the Perisher Nordic Shelter and has been distributed to the ACT/NSW squads.

If there are any questions regarding the SSAXC waxing protocol they can be directed to:

Finn Marsland
SSA Cross Country Skiing High Performance Manager
finn.marsland@gmail.com – 0408147940


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