Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase – Event 5 report

Unfortunately the fifth event of the Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase, the Bullfight Charge (Sunday 24th July) had to be cancelled due to insufficient snow.   However, an unofficial fun event was scheduled in its place.  Thanks to Alan Eason from the Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, who recognised that many of the Lake Mountain trails can offer great skiing on as little as 10 cm of snow, the unoffical event was able to be held.  It was an unconventional course beginning at the machine shed (only 50 m from the car park) and finished with a lightning descent of Royston road.  Many thanks to Alan and helpers for making this happen.  In keeping with previously held unofficial replacement events, all participants will be awarded 50 ski chase points.

The next event is the Pub to Pub (also known as the Hotham to Dinner Plain) just under two weeks away (Saturday 6 August).  Race start 11am, 12 km, Freestyle technique.   This is one of the most popular races on the calendar, run by Mick Sinclair.  Keep an eye on Mick’s website for condition reports, and pre-race day entry details:

Any questions on the ski chase? Try the information at or send an enquiry

Thanks again to our sponsors Skike Australia ( and Rochford Winery (

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