Pub to Pub Update 2

Greetings from a sunny and calm Dinner Plain.

Just a quick final trail update – did the full trail from Hotham to DP over the last couple of hours, and on Hothams own rating scale I would say nearly all the trail should be rated good. Overall I was really pleased with the way it skiied today.

We will have one slight deviation from normal – the standard trail through Wire Plain has several large (and growing) bare spots, so we’ll take you on a slightly different run behind the Wire Plain Hut and rejoin the standard trail just as you start to climb toward Biathlon – all good again from here. We’ll flag the critical bits and will have full details in the race briefing note at registration tomorrow morning.

There are several thin spots between JB and Dinner Plain but they are easily avoidable and the patching work done Wed has held up well. There was also some additional work put in on the trail yesterday around the switchbacks and Mother Johnsons – many thanks to those involved. The critical downhills – into Picnic Ground and JB – are quite OK at the moment. If there is lots of snowplowing down there then it could get thin in spots, but i the weather goes as expected tonight we’ll hopefully get a good freeze which should mitigate that.

And at this stage we’re looking at good weather.

Bring it on!

Registration will be open on the website till 9pm tonight, and then of course you’ll also be able to enter on the day. And I’ll hopefully get another couple of photos up on the website this afternoon or this evening.

Hope to see you tomorrow




Mick Sinclair
Hotham to Dinner Plain (Pub to Pub) Ski Race

0408 127 325

email mick
race website
twitter @p2pski



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