Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase update

On the weekend two Ski Chase events were held, Ski de Femme on Saturday, and the Rocky Valley Rush/Sun Valley Ramble on Sunday.  While Saturday was a bit grey and wind-blown snow covered some trails, Sunday was close to perfect with fantastic grooming, under beautiful blue skies. Many thanks to Birkebeiner Nordic Ski Club for putting on these great events.

The interim results Ski Chase Interim Results 18Aug2016_MenSki Chase Interim Results 18Aug2016_Women, include only those people who had registered by Sunday 14th of August.  More names will be added to the results as additional people register.

In the women’s competition Amy Beanland and Jackie Kildea have swapped places with Amy now in first and Jackie in second place.  Brianna Oldis has jumped into third place, pushing Kat Paul and Ann Bellingham down to fourth and fifth.  With only four points separating third and fifth places, the bronze is still very much up for grabs.  In the men’s competition, Ben Derrick has continued his steady climb and is now in first place, pushing Kevin Tory and Ian Franzke down to second and third place respectively.  Rod Clutterbuck is holding steady in fourth, and Len Budge has climbed up into the top five.

There is now only one event to go: the Hoppet/Birkebeiner/Joey, Saturday 27 August.  Best of luck to everyone taking part.

Regarding points calculations we’d like to remind participants of the following:

  • Participants receive points for their best two Falls Creek events (and all other events of course).
  • Points are awarded in preference to the “main” event when multiple sub-races are included in the one overall event. (An exception is given to the Hoppet/Birkebeiner/Joey, which are all treated as individual events.)  How does this work?  Consider the RVR/SVR held on Sunday.  A single place ranking is determined for all participants based on the following race ranking order: RVR classic, SVR classic, RVR freestyle.  RVR classic participants are ranked in their finishing order, SVR classic finishes are ranked immediately below this in their finishing order and so on.

Prize reminder:

Vo7Plus Skikes from Skike Australia ( – Random draw

Two $100 vouchers from Rochford Wines in Healesville ( – Random draw

Two $100 vouchers from Rochford Wines – First place male and female

Cash prizes for U23s, donated by Melbourne Nordic Ski Club, and anonymous donors.

Any questions? Try the information at or send an enquiry to


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