Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase update

On Saturday 26th August the final Skike Australia Victorian Ski Chase event was held at Falls Creek, the Kangaroo Hoppet/Birkebeinere/Joey Hoppet.  Thanks to the amazing team who put on this grand event.

It was great to have the full distance in all events, despite issues with snow accumulation in many places.   We were lucky with the weather too given the wild winter we experienced, with great visibility and only gale force winds to contend with.

Important notice:

  • Registrations close this Sunday (4th September).
  • The Skike grand prize, Rochford winery draw prizes, and cash prizes will be drawn next Wednesday (7th September).
  • Please check that your results have been correctly recorded (remember only your best two Falls Creek results earn points).
  • Please double check that your Hoppet/Birkie/Joey place was correctly recorded.

The interim results can be found here: Ski Chase draft Final Results 31Aug2016_menSki Chase draft Final Results 31Aug2016_women

These results might change if corrections are to be made or if there are last minute registrations.

As the results currently stand it looks like Amy Beanland has won the women’s competition, ahead of Jackie Kildea, Penny Grose, Briana Oldis and Lily Boland.  In the men’s competition Ben Derrick has finished on top, ahead of Kevin Tory, Ian Franzke, Tommi Silvester and Rod Clutterbuck.  Well done to everyone who took part.  Stay tuned for the grand prize draws.

If you know someone who has raced in any of the events, and is not listed in the results, let them know they have until Sunday to register, and be eligible for the draw prizes v07Plus Skikes, $100 Rochford wines gift vouchers, and possibly the cash prizes if under 23.  Register here:

Any questions? Try the information at or send an enquiry to


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