New in the Wings in 2017

Hello Ski-friends!

Regular visitors to will have noticed (and a number have contacted us) about the absence of news on the site over the past two months, indeed the minimal amount of updates since the Australian winter. Please be reassured that this isn’t the beginning of the end of, rather that our focus has been on preparation for a new chapter.

Throughout 2016 a huge amount of predominantly volunteer effort has gone into the design and content generation of a new online home for Australian cross country ski racing. The new site will continue to feature Australian winter news and to chronicle the performances and activities of Australian athletes throughout the year, but will also play a greater role in the development of the sport. The intention is for more information to be readily available in areas such as athlete pathways, coach education, volunteer opportunities, sport administration, race rules and selection policies, and in general to provide advice on how to become more involved in XC ski racing. At the same time our partner site will focus on the grassroots development for recreational and introductory aspects of the sport.

During this interim period, the best way to keep up to date with the progress of the Australian Team racing overseas is via social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main ones to follow, @ausxc is our handle across all platforms. Individual athletes from the team have also for the most part shifted their activity updates to their social media accounts (though PK’s blog is still going strong!).

A quick plug before a proper post goes up – save the date of Saturday April 8 for the 2017 Australian Rollerski Championship and AUSXC Awards Dinner in Canberra!

Thanks for your patience, and all the best wishes for 2017.

– The Team