This is totally new format for the reporting of Australian cross country skiing news. If you have suggestions of ways to improve the site, or if have any general feedback on the format and quality of the news, please post your comments on this page.

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  1. Sorry, this is a bit of a mantra for me, but come on guys. No females ever on Hoppet posters, and now no females on the Aus XC header picture. There ARE girls in the Aus team as well, so where are their pics.

  2. Hey, KT, the Rocky Valley Rush is on Sunday Aug 5, not Sat 11th. Are you able to correct it on your post?

    To enter, go to

  3. Have just finished race week at Perisher- was fantastic. KAC have been great with their results. Any word on the Boonoona Open and the KCros results? Where does one find these?

  4. My Australian friend is visiting me in Canada right now. I have taken her out classic skiing a few times, and she is keen to purchase skis to bring home. I am not sure what your snow conditions are like, and what I should advise her. She would be skiing in the Blue Mountains. We are currently using hard wax, and will soon move into Klister, but I am wondering if crowns would be a better choice for your snow conditions.


    • Skiing in the Blue Mountains is very limited, better to head down the Snowy Mountains. Crowns are pretty reliable most of the time in Australian conditions, which can at times vary from hard wax in the morning to klister in the afternoon. Of course there can be good hard wax days too, but later in the season it’s more likely to be klister.

  5. Hi Aus XC Ski,
    I just noticed that under your XC Skiing Links ( the NSW Nordic Ski Club points to which means it doesn’t work (it may have once but before my time). Could you please replace it with and let me know when I can check it.
    Cheers, George, Membership Secretary, NSW NSC

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