Sweden: Expectation vs. Reality

Half an Adventure

Hello again from Östersund, where I will start the post with some high quality observations, proceed to a race report, then to an adventure report, and afterwards the quality of my writing will go downhill. Well done if you make it to the end. Also, please click the ‘follow’ button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen, then you will get email updates! Just what you wanted for Christmas!

Expectation: Sweden in winter is snowy, cold and dark.

Reality: We are in Östersund during possibly its worst winter in memory. Temperatures are normally between -10 and -5, instead the temperature is between about 0 and 5, or 10 degrees above average. This means those nice thick gloves I bought in Italy haven’t been used yet.

Reality: We get 5cm of snow every couple of days, but each time it warms up again, sometimes raining a little, which…

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Merry Christmas from the Australian Ski Team!